Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Another AWESOME Old Navy Sample and Share!

I was the recipient of yet another awesome opportunity through Crowdtap and Old Navy to participate in a Sample and Share for Old Navy Activewear.  This one was pretty darn perfect for me as I was in desperate need of some new winter running clothes! 

This was my best in store shopping experience with Old Navy.  It was a busy time for the store and yet they came around the store, gave us a free shopping bag and a coupon for an additional 30% off of any in store purchases for that day! Side note: We were able to combine that offer with some really great sales to get baby Bina some super cheap outfits to put away for next winter :)   Another great thing I recently learned about Old Navy is that there is an app called Snap Appy that you can use on your phone.  You just find an Old Navy logo, snap it, and spin the wheel.  I quickly was able to snag a $5 off a $5 purchase with this app - so check it out! 

Okay, so back to my Sample and Share.  I quickly globbed on to a jacket that I knew would be the extra layer I need for these really cold runs right now and it has been perfect and it has lived up to my expectations! (Which BTW is on sale for $15 right now - check it out: Amy's Choice! I paired it with a pair of active pants and we were in and out!  Didn't even have to wait long the weekend before Christmas to check out!  

So thank you once again goes out to Old Navy and Crowdtap.  If you haven't joined Crowdtap yet, then what in the world are you waiting for - it is fun and easy to earn gift cards and awesome sample and share opportunities :)