Sunday, December 9, 2012

I Made It!

What did you make this year? Whether work-related or something more personal (like a song, craft project, or work of art), share your process and the end result.

I consider myself to being an aspiring crafty person.  I would love to be really good at crafty type things, but usually I'm just not!  I tried to learn how to knit while on bedrest and I just did not have it in me!  However, I did do a few fun things this year.  I made and have stayed caught up on all of our digital scrapbooks.  That is something I really enjoy doing!

I also have made several new and yummy recipe's this year.  Including facing what I thought was a huge challenge, in making homemade bread! 

This was the extent of my "craftiness"!  It was a really simple project but I truly love how it all turned out!

And of course, nothing can compare to our greatest masterpiece from 2012 - our sweet lil girl!