Wednesday, December 26, 2012

3rd Day of Christmas

Are you bored yet?  Well, you still have a few days of Christmas posts to go ;)

It was finally Christmas morning at our house!  This is the first year that Santa really has gone all out for the kids.  In reality, we still tried to keep it simple.  Henry the elf, left all the kids Christmas jammies, we got each of the kids a special book that I wrote a special note in. We bought them all 2 presents and Santa left them a gift and a stocking!  

Santa sure did fill those stockings with lots of goodies!  


                    Lots of very fun presents under that tree!  Having 3 little's sure has been fun this Christmas and the boys are at a perfect age!

                Then it was some Christmas colored pancakes and lots of fun with new toys!

After some very long naps, we were back over to Peter's parents for more gift opening with the Great-Grandparent Keyser side!

Another fun day of celebrating!  Next post will be from someplace very fun for the family.  Stay tuned....