Monday, December 3, 2012

Meeting People

December 3rd: If you could meet someone new in 2013, who would it be? Or would you rather spend more time with someone you already know?

This one is very easy and very personal for me to answer.  If i could meet any person in 2013, hands down I would wish to meet the woman who gave birth to my son!  If you would have asked me even at the beginning of our adoption process how I felt about open adoption, I probably would have said "not for me."  There was a piece of my heart that did not want to share this child that I went through all this work to adopt and bring in to my family.  I didn't want to have to compete with another mother over my children.  For me, it was all shrouded in selfishness and fear that my child would prefer another woman over me!  

Even while we were in process of adopting Malachi, my heart changed and by the time we brought Malachi home, my heart was fully softened towards this woman.  And now, I would love nothing more than to have the opportunity for an open adoption.  I see so much good that could come from it!

I would love to sit down with this woman and let her know how incredible her son is.  How much he has BLESSED our lives and how thankful we are to get to be his parents.  I would love to sit down and tell her all about how gifted his mind is!  How fantastic of a dancer he is!  How hilarious and loving he is!  I would love to show her pictures of his first birthday party and the first time he took a step. His cheesy smile.    I would love for her to have the opportunity to even see a glimpse into the life he lives.  I would love for her to have peace in her heart that her precious little boy is safe and very very loved.  

I would love to sit down with this woman and ask her the hundreds of questions that have crossed my mind over these last couple years.  I would love to know if her favorite color is yellow too.  I would love to know if her personality is as big as my son's.  I would love to see if she has a little  button nose just like him.  I would love to have answers to the "why" when Malachi starts asking someday.

So 100%, for sure.  I would love to meet the woman who gave me the most incredible gift in this life!  Not a DAY goes by that she is not in my mind and held close in my heart.