Friday, December 21, 2012

New Ornaments

I am pretty much a Pinterest addict and if I never have an original idea again, well that's okay because Pinterest can do all my thinking for me!  

I saw an idea similar to this on there, so I just kind of ran with it and made each of the kids ornaments with special birth or Gotcha items.  These are all items just siting in special boxes for the kids, taking up space so I thought this was a much better way to display some of those special memories.

Sabrina's ornament has her hospital hat, her hospital ID bracelet, and her first ultrasound photo!

Eli's has his NICU hat, his ID bracelet, his NICU monitor cables, and his first ultrasound photo!

I'm not entirely sure if I have everything I want to put in Malachi's in there, but for now it has 100 birr, one of the socks he was wearing the day we picked him up, and his referral photo!

This was a super easy project but also a great momento to hang on our Christmas tree every year!


Rebekah said...

You could put coffee beans in Malachi's! Especislly if you drank some at the hotel before you met him!