Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween Recap

My little cuties had another fun and adorable halloween!  Last year I tried to convince them to go with this theme but they wanted to do something else. Well, at least my idea stuck in their minds and most of them were willing to comply. It's good because they definitely stole the show! 

We did all the traditional stuff, including LB getting to check out her first pumpkin guts.  She wasn't all that impressed with the idea. 

Actually none of them were too impressed. Let's be honest, us parents did most of the work! 

Especially Peter, as he carved another round of fantastic pumpkins! 

In addition to the trick or treating and a trunk or treat, the kids wanted to have a halloween movie night!  This was the first movie night LB got to participate in! 

She seemed to be enjoying herself

And ended with some serious trick or treating where they got A LOT of candy!