Monday, November 21, 2016

Foster Puppy #16 - Express

We had a little gap in puppies while we were on a few trips this fall, but the day after we got back from Jamaica I was asked if I could take on this sweet girl named Express!

Instantly I could just tell she was one happy puppy! She came right out of the kennel with tail wagging and it didn't stop all week long!  She was also the quietest puppy who never let out a single peep, even when I put her in the kennel at bedtime!  

She was also a huge ball of energy, but that was easily fixed with Boston (my past foster pup Pretzel, now adopted by Peter's brother and wife).  They are both huge little balls of energy and had a blast playing and snuggling this week!

She also adored the kids, she certainly seemed like the perfect foster! 

We seriously debated keeping this sweet girl. Even Peer who is the hard one to convince was debating it.  I know I could have easily convinced him to keep her, but we just aren't convinced we are ready for the responsibility of a dog full time right now. The foster puppy route has been perfect for us!  It was really hard to say goodbye to her and we did say if she wasn't adopted this weekend that we would keep her, but she was quickly snatched up.  Our sadness was short lived though as our next foster was quickly in the home.   Hope you have a great life Express!