Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Jamaica Day 4

Ah yes, another great day in our little carribean paradise!  Sleeping in is such a rare treat to take advantage of for us so we slept until our hearts content.  Then it was off to breakfast so Peter could get more custard filled french toast and then it was off to one of the pools!

Who needs a cabana boy when you have a great husband!  I guess Peter needs the Cabana boy! 

After lunch we were off to another familiar location for a quick lunch of jerk chicken and beef patties. And of course a gorgeous view!

I think one of the most amazing parts about where this resort is at is the location. We're not in the middle of some big city. We are literally in the middle of nowhere!  Those buildings you can see are the main part of the resort from our room.  

 Tonight was Bob Marley night and we love the ties between Jamaica and Ethiopia.  The lovely lion of Judah (Peter's tattoo) on this sign

And of course the old Ethiopian flag on this poster

So after lunch we had a relaxing afternoon in the spa planned.  Lately Sandal's has been throwing in some pretty good spa credits with their packages, so score for us! They whisked us away for a "scents of love" massage. We got to choose from different scented candles and oils for the massage. They did some hokey things at the beginning where we "lit each others flame" and yada yada yada but the massage's were great and very relaxing. Seriously, we were more than overdue for these! 

And then we were off to the bake shop for some crepes and goodies. The choices that need to be made can be difficult! 

And another amazingly gorgeous sunset. It is amazing how unique each one is.  

After that beautiful sunset we were off to the Sandal's Select Returning Guest Dinner. This is for returning guests who are also a part of Sandal's "club", which pretty much any returning guest is a part of.  There are perks of the club such as reward points to put towards future stays (we used our old points on this trip) and a free week stay after your 10th stay at a Sandal's location.  We also get a great discount if we book our next Sandal's vacation while still on property (which we will do).  It's pretty good food and we visited with our table even after the night ended because we were enjoying the company and learning new things about Sandal's vacations.  You also get a bottle of rum and chocolates for your time.  It was a 3 hour dinner but we still had a good time and it was a nice change of pace.

And who needs a butler when your husband is willing to run out in the evening and get you whatever your heart desires!  These crepes are to die for! 

It's pretty late now, but we see an empty pool and hot tub outside that we may go take advantage of before calling it a night.  Tomorrow is a full beach day!