Friday, November 25, 2016

Thanksgiving And Black Friday

I discover more and more how magical the holiday season is with kids at the ages ours are at, and I think this year may just be the most magical yet! They're so excited for everything and actually able to really participate in all the festivities now. If I could freeze time for just a little bit longer with them at this age, I would!  

This year we were off to my Grandma's house. She's been hosting this thing for my entire life and has it down to a perfect science.  The family has grown to the point that we have tables cascading all over the house, but we all squeeze in!  We had a few last minute change of plans as my cousin decided to have a baby for Thanksgiving so we were all waiting on pins and needles all day!

The kids had their spots and were ready to dig in!

Seriously we had so much more food than we could ever eat, and it is so darn delicious!  When I say grandma knows how to do thanksgiving, she knows how to do thanksgiving!

After we all were stuffed, the kids brought out toys and played pretty pretty princess. We snuck a quick picture of Eli before he decided they were taking the game too far! 

But the girls loved it!

And then the tradition that has always held strong for the family and every generation loves - Bingo for candy bars! 

And of course far more desserts than any family can eat! 

This was our take away plate from my grandma, pie for days! 

And then it was home to prepare for Henry the elf's return! Breakfast was all set for Friday morning! 

Morning brought lots of squeals of delight, it is Christmas time! 

Hot Chocolate with Peppermint mashmallows and snowman donuts 

And snowman pancakes with bacon scarves 

Then decorating a few new ornaments for the Christmas tree 

And tree time! 

After some more decorating, we made a gingerbread house!

Everyone got to have a part! 

Seriously such a fantastic weekend and time with our family!  We are so blessed and I am incredibly thankful for my beautiful family and the memories we make!