Thursday, November 10, 2016

Jamaica Day 6

Today was a really chill day. We slept in and relaxed A LOT!  Finally we got up and headed off for the breakfast buffet.  

After even more chilling out we headed off to the pool for the afternoon. 

Then it was time for the moment we had been looking forward to all day.  Time to get ready and head off to dinner. We had a 30 minute sunset photography session before dinner and then we had our private, oceanside dinner. Think completely dark evening, with just the stars and moon and the flickering of the light from your table.  The only sound is the sound of the waves splashing around you.  It's seriously so romantic and just a perfect way to spend the evening. 

For dinner, we chose a crab cake for an appetizer, a salad, and seriously the BEST filet mignon and lobster tail we have ever had for dinner.  We've eaten at some pretty amazing steak restaurants but as Peter said - he never thought we would find the best we've ever had in Jamaica but our chef seriously outdid himself!  We savored every.last.bite!  We hardly had room for dessert but it was super yummy too! Peter had Coffee Peanut Butter Verrine and I had Mango and White Chocolate Cheesecake! 

Not only was tonight special because of our amazing dinner. But we also had decided long ago that we wanted to renew our vows on this trip.  As marriage tends to have ebbs and flows so we really wanted to renew that commitment to one another.  The first time around we did not write our vows but this time we decided we really wanted to make it personal and so we wrote our own.  So much happens and changes over 10 years and it meant a whole lot for us to verbalize our feelings and commitments to one another in this way.    

I also found it quite fitting that when we got married we used THIS Steven Curtis Chapman song as our wedding song. Over the course of the last few months, as we've faced some challenging times I happened upon THIS song one day and while it is a bit old, it kind of stopped me in my tracks as I listened to the words.  And it also just so happened to be Steven Curtis Chapman. So we deemed this our 10th Anniversary song! 

Today was a very laid back sort of day.  But a very good day as we start a fresh in a way with one another.  This last picture is kind of goofy but the resort has all these cats and I love them.  This one was a mama and her baby.  They're all super friendly and super cute. I am almost jealous that we don't have a walk out room so I could play with them more. Mama kitty did follow us up one flight of stairs to our room and I thought she was gonna visit us for awhile but she thought better of it. 

One more day in paradise to go, torn between missing my babies and wanting more time here, but we will make the most of the time we do have!