Saturday, November 26, 2016

Foster Pups #17 and #18 - Jagger and Josh

The day after returning Express, we were asked if we could take a sweet 7 week old baby puppy named Jagger.  He was the biggest boy in his litter and settled right into the home with the kids!  He loved to snuggle! 

A couple days after having Jagger, we were asked if we could take on his brother Josh too. Now there are pros and cons to two puppies. They can definitely entertain each other and they snuggle with each other at night which keeps the new puppy whining down to a minimum.  But with two comes higher energy out of them and just in general the messes they make tend to more than double the work for us.  

Luckily they were cuties, even if they were a handful! 

And now the house is once again empty of puppies and we can relax a bit before the next pups come along!