Sunday, November 6, 2016

Jamaica Day 2

After calling it an early night and sleeping over 12 GLORIOUS hours, we were up and ready for some fun!  This was still "planned" as our recovery day so we had no big plans, although none of the days this week are overly planned out. 

The beautiful main part of the resort 

Peter has been dreaming about this breakfast for 8 years, since the last time we were here. We were thrilled to see it still on the menu. His much beloved custard filled french toast! 

After a filling breakfast, we decided to have a nice walk on the beach. Always a beautiful day in Jamaica! 

And after some walking around we decided to stop by the Club lounge and let them take care of booking us for all the things we wanted to do. We just listed what we wanted - excursion, massage, sandal's select dinner, cabana, private beach dinner and with a few key strokes and a couple phone calls it was all taken care for us easy peasy!  

One of my favorite parts is that all the staff thinks we are here on our honeymoon. Apparently we still look young enough to be honeymooners. Then the total shock when they find out we've been married for 10 years.  Today our concierge dropped her pen with mouth wide open when we told her and yesterday our concierge asked for a hug so I could rub off some of my "youth" on her.  And don't even get me started on their reaction when I saw we have 4 kids!

After some more relaxing, we were off to lunch. I think food on vacation is my most favorite thing and this place has not disappointed!  The lunch menu at the place we ate at last night looked appealing so we went back to it. The view did not disappoint during the day either. 

Peter went very Jamaican with jerk chicken and red beans and rice with some more yummy fried plantains. He's been raving about this one all afternoon so I think he liked it! 

I had another Jamaican dish with a beef patty and fries.  Whats not to like with anything in fried dough.  

We then went back to the other side of the resort for some dessert at the pastry shop. No pictures but I Had some yummy strawberry shortcake and peanut butter cake and Peter had a cream puff and another one of his favorites that he's been raving about for 8 years - their meringues.  We also stopped and picked up our stuff for the tour the club lounge booked for us for tomorrow.

After a bit of resting, because why not? We're on this relaxing vacation afterall, we were up in time watch the sunset again!  It went from beautiful, to wow, to jaw dropping! 

Then it was time to get ready for dinner and check out the night on the resort.  We dined at another open air restaurant right on the beach tonight. Not quite as good of a view as it was next to the pier but still beautiful and romantic and nice nonetheless. 

And now of course more food pictures, because well, the food is good and I love food pics!

Crab cake for me

Calamari for Peter

Ribeye steak for me 

And Tuna Filet for Peter 

And because they apparently think we never order enough, they added some Grilled Tiger Shrimp to our order too. 

Today was just what we wanted it to be. Another day to rest and relax and recover.  I hear that Club Suite Jacuzzi tub calling my name. Fun day planned tomorrow!