Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Jamaica Day 5

My oh my, I must say today was just one ROUGH day in paradise. We both said this day was amazing, relaxing, and seriously just what we were looking for when we made this trip plan!  We took the opportunity today to rent our own cabana (I believe there are 4 or 6 on site) and man was that a good choice!  The cabana was ours for 8 hours today and it came with our own sweet cabana gal to take care of any of our needs. She checked up on us every so often to see if we needed anything.  It was seriously amazing and so relaxing. We were for the most part off on a secluded part of the beach.  

Our morning started off with ordering breakfast and having it delivered right to us! Crepes, breakfast sandwiches, amazing little muffins, and celebratory pineapple/guava with champagne! 

Nice to see my hubby get to relax an afternoon away. He deserves it! 

Before lunch we took advantage of the fact that they throw even better deals at us if we are to book our next vacation while still on site.  I've been preparing and researching our options so I knew just what we were going to do and you can book years out in the future and continue to move it and change rooms and take advantage of any additional better deals and such up until a month before travel so we decided to just book it. If we book it, we will make it a priority. So next time we will be checking out The Bahamas!  And score, for some reasons we were able to snag a butler suite for way less than we even paid to come on this trip - so win! 

And for lunch, our favorite jerk chicken, beans and rice, and french fries! 

It really was a great afternoon. In the afternoon we napped a bit and then walked over to the main pool which was close by and swam for a bit. Watched them play name that tune and crazy people attempt to ride a "water bull" for 15 seconds to win prizes.  Then back to the cabana to read and just chill out together. 

And then back to our room in time for sunset and to start getting cleaned up for dinner. 

Tonight for dinner we ate at the "high end" restaurant.  There was no wait and we walked right in for an incredible dinner. Seriously the best thing we've eaten in a long time.  Filet Mignon with these amazing potatoes, kind of a cross between mashed potatoes and tater tots. Peter called them "adult" tater tots and seriously they were good!  

Dessert was also seriously fabulous with Peter choosing a cinnamon roasted banana on a waffle with ice cream. And I had a "magical moment" which was an almond crust, chocolate caramel parfait, with banana mouse on top.  Oh man, I didn't know what to expect but that's the joy of all inclusive, you can try new things that are seriously sooo amazing and things I would never try otherwise.  I may have to go back and get more of that dessert before our time here is over!  

Today was a pretty darn perfect day, we both agree.  As much as I miss the kids I am sure grateful for this time away just the two of us!  Tomorrow is a very special day for us so stay tuned!