Thursday, November 17, 2016

Jamaica Day 7

Our last morning in Paradise.  This day was a little bit long and hard as I found out that I had 3 very sick kiddo's at home. Worst feeling, knowing they wanted their mama and there was nothing I could do to get home to them. I knew my mom was taking great care of them and we might as well make the most of our time away, but I kept in close contact with her throughout the day to see how they were doing. 

After the breakfast buffet for lunch, we spent most of the afternoon at the pool. A rain storm passed through that we enjoyed in the comfort of the hot tub before returning to the pool when the sun came back out.  Everyone at the pool had a great laugh as 3 female peacocks and one male came prancing by the pool. He put his feathers out and was doing everything in his power to try and impress one of these girls but they just completely ignored his existence.  

The whole afternoon was a little bit stormy, but still beautiful. We remember storms passing through every afternoon with thunder and lightening during our stay in May so the fact that it hadn't really rained much at all on this trip in November surprised us. 

  We finally got out of the pool and headed off for some pizza lunch, a big plate of pastries and a couple dirty banana's for Peter. We were living it up on our last day!

Peter went to check on our food and a peacock decided to join me at his place. I think she was disappointed when I didn't share. 

And then back to our room to check on the kiddos and watch our last sunset in this beautiful place!

Gonna miss waking up to this incredible view every day! 

We ate a late lunch so we weren't ready for dinner until 9:00. I wasn't even that hungry (darn worrying about the kids) but Peter was and I am glad he took me out for one last dinner. We were off to the french restaurant this evening and were the last ones to eat at the restaurant for the night.  I had Chicken Cordon Bleu with Rice Pilaf and Peter had some sort of Beef dish that I don't even remember.  He also had some Creme Brulee for dessert. We also had hit up the Friday night chocolate buffet. 

The resort was having a blast with live music and fun all around. This was the first evening we had been out this late so it was fun to see what we had been missing out on.

We decided to walk back on the beach. It was pretty late but still fun to get one last walk on the beach with just the stars and the moon! 

And of course I got a goodbye of my mama kitty and her baby. This was actually quite comical as Peter convinced the mama to come all the way up to the 4th floor with him.  Her baby was very skittish and only would come up to the 1st floor and then started crying for her mommy. This put the mommy into a panic and I literally thought she was going to jump from the 4th floor balcony down to the 1st.  Peter laughed at me and told me I was crazy but they seriously did not seem like they could figure out how to reunite. So I slowly walked down the flights of stairs and showed mommy how to get back to her baby. 

                            And they were happy again! 

The next morning we were up bright and early. It was only 3AM at home but my mom texted me to let me know that the kids were all doing better. That reassured me for the long 17 hour day ahead of us.

Goodbye to our little piece of paradise.  We had wonderful new memories to bring home and were so grateful for the opportunity to get away and celebrate our anniversary together!

In so many ways we marveled at how quickly these first 10 years of marriage have passed us by. There have been oh so many moments of great joy and fun together. So much has happened in our first 10 years and it is exciting to think of what will happen in the next 10. Our journey, while mostly really wonderful has not come without some really hard times. However, through it all, as we've continued to stand in our commitment to one another I am seeing us growing into a place better than where we've ever been before.  It isn't always easy but this trip was just what we needed to remember how great we are as a couple and how deep our love for one another still is!