Friday, November 30, 2012

School in November

This is a little post of the fun we've had in school for this month, but then I also found some pretty stinkin adorable photos on the computer so I decided to go ahead and post them to! Enjoy the cuteness!

The boys got haircuts! 

                                         Malachi, decorating a star with paint and glitter!

                          And a couple cute football lovers! Not sure what Malachi was being nervous about.

                                           And a precious baby girl "helping" me make dinner!

We made pizza with Ham on it for H day.  The boys were eating the toppings as fast as I could put them on there!

And since I don't think I have shown it before, here is Malachi's school board.  We've kind of skipped over the Nursery Rhyme portion in favor of Bible memory verses of which he now knows 3!

Malachi still has a huge preference of letters over numbers.  He's like his Mama in that regard ;)  But he has been doing a really good job with some simple math stuff.  Here's a video of some of his number skills he is working on!