Tuesday, November 6, 2012

21 Months

Elias is now 21 WHOLE months old!  Reality is setting in that there are about to be TWO 2 year old's in this house!  

In the last 3 months, Eli has gotten 4 molars and is in every way, a shadow to his big brother!  He is really developing verbally right now and we have also noticed that he loves to sing and dance.  It is pretty darn cute!  He is definitely starting to act like a 2 year old with a bit more defiance in his voice (favorite words are "no" and "mine") and he is starting to need some correction and trips to his timeout spot!

His favorite things are still balls.  He is actually pretty darn impressive when it comes to making baskets.  We may have a natural on our hands!  He also loves to climb and make messes.  Pretty much all of the things that boys are made of!

Right now we are currently trying to determine if he has a milk allergy. He has had a lot of stomach issues and the first guess is it being related to milk.  Time will tell.  We also just got back from taking him to the eye doctor to find out if he has lazy eye like his mom.  This was our second trip since it has been a little over a year since we took him to check the first time.  In pictures, it often looks like his right eye is off center, but the doctor has determined that it is just his eyelid making it appear that way.  At some point it could turn in to something, so he is the blessed child who gets to go see the eye doctor every 6 months.  But for now, he has perfect vision and takes after his father, which makes me happy!

I love my little curly haired, smirky cuddle bug!  He is probably the most serious child I've ever known, but there is something really cute and special about that too!  When you get a laugh or a smile out of that kid, you know you've done something pretty amazing :)  We love you Elias!!!