Saturday, November 24, 2012

Spreading the Christmas Cheer

Thanks to Smiley360 and Kmart, I had an awesome opportunity to get a jump on some new Christmas decorations for our home!  Peter and I took of with Kmart giftcard in hand to liven up some Christmas decorations for our home!  We haven't really added to the decorations in our home too much these last few years, so it was fun to get to add a couple little extra things to our house!

The first thing we bought, that I saw on Pinterest this year was taking a plain ornament and writing the year and memories from that year on the ornament!  Thanks to my blog, it wasn't too difficult to go back over these past 6 years and make an ornament for each one and I am sure it will be much easier to keep track of in the coming years!  Already it was a great reminder of all the great things we have done and accomplished in our life together!  

Another simple addition was some garland for the mantel!  We also got to add another stocking to the Christmas decorations this year, and I was thrilled that it was another Minnie Mouse :)

And our final piece of new decorations was bringing life to our Christmas wreath on the front door.  The wreath has been very plain, so we bought some ornaments and Christmas lights that match the house and brought some life in to the dull thing!  It looks much more festive now!

This was a really fun opportunity to add to the Cheer in our home!  If you want some great deals on Christmas decorations this year, check out KMart!  Also, if you would like to join me on Smiley360 and get some awesome opportunities to try new products and get free giftcards here is the link to all the fun!  Join SMILEY360 HERE!