Sunday, November 25, 2012

Mommy Brain

I was an avid babysitter when I was a teenager and I often noticed the moms I babysat for had something I commonly referred to as "mommy brain".  I never understood why it took them 3 trips to the car to remember their purse and their keys. Pr why they would sometimes forget appointments or spend 10 minutes trying to find their car keys. I often just thought that these mother's were "airheads" and if any of these woman are now reading this blog, let me give you my most sincere apologies.

I now too, am a sufferer of "mommy brain".  I often forget to do the most simple of tasks.  I often feel overwhelmed and I also often lose things (such as my library card that I found exactly one day after getting a replacement).  If I can get in the car and remember all 3 kids AND everything I needed for the diaper bag on the first try - I am doing great!

Today I went grocery shopping as I often do on Sunday's.  Lately I have been taking one of the boys with me to get some one-on-one time with them.  Needless to say I was feeling a bit out of sorts as it was exactly 2:08 AM last night when my head finally hit the pillow after Peter and I had both taken trips in to deal with a fussy baby girl.  I pulled out of the drive way and was thrilled that I got everything I needed on the first trip to the car (kid, keys, purse, coupons, shopping list)!

Eli and I had a fun time shopping as he pointed out all of the items in the cart and practiced saying what they were.  I picked up the last item I needed and then tried to get ahead of the game by sorting through my coupons and getting my reward card out.  This is when I realized that I forgot the most important part of my purse.  In all the fun of online Black Friday shopping, my debit card was currently sitting on the desk at HOME!  I also realized that I forgot my phone at home too, so there was no one I could call to help me out, not that it would do much good  because I had all the car seats with me so Peter couldn't come to my rescue.

Fortunately Customer Service was more than happy to hold on to my groceries while I drove back home and got my debit card and returned to the store.  My quick trip to the store ended up taking a bit longer than I would have liked but seriously, being a mommy has turned my brain in to MUSH!  Life is so busy and there is just so much that us mom's have to try to remember (not to mention we're EXHAUSTED)!  I swear that my children have killed at least half of my brain cells!  Oh well, until next time Mommy Brain!