Monday, November 19, 2012

Another Great Old Navy Sample and Share!

I once again had a great opportunity courtesy of Crowdtap and Old Navy to get a FREE dress!  Now for me, dress clothes are most definitely not something I wear often which also means it is something that I very rarely purchase.  So to have the opportunity to go in to the store and try on dresses with no particular event in mind and to pick something brand new out for myself was a real special treat!

Peter and I and ALL the kids ended one of our date nights at Old Navy where I grabbed a bunch of different dress styles and headed for the dressing room!  I had Miss Sabrina with me and she wasn't the most patient of ladies, but I was able to at least try everything on.  I will admit that this still seemed like a bit of a challenge for me as I still feel like I am in this odd post-partum body phase (even though I have lost all of the pregnancy weight).   So I was a bit self-conscious and there were quite a few outfits that were just NOT flattering at all.  But the last dress I tried on, I felt really good in and I feel like it looked really good too!

Here is the dress that I left the store with:

Old Navy had some cute dress styles that I think everyone should go check out!  They were on a great sale while we were there too (and there are some great coupon codes right now for online shopping!)

Also if you haven't joined Crowdtap it is a really great and fun website to be a part of.  I've got numerous opportunities to try new products and have received hundreds of dollars in Amazon gift cards through Crowdtap.  So it is definitely worth checking out: