Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Preschool - Month of Oct Recap

Well, we are over 1 month in to our "school year."  Really, school is extremely basic for Malachi and almost everything in life is "school" when you are 2 years old!  We spend a lot of "school time" reading books, coloring, or playing with playdough.  Another very small percentage of the time is on actual projects.  Each week we have a theme, a word, a color or shape, a number and a letter.  We are also doing Bible memory verses as he is able to get those memorized.  So far, he has learned 2 verses!  Almost everything we are doing, is really review for him as he knows shapes, colors, letters and numbers.  So we just try to make the concepts more fun with color crafts and he is learning how to sign the alphabet and doing some very basic math!  He's also developed some mad gluing skills ;)

Here are a few fun things we have done this past month!


                                            Making Banana Bread for the Letter B day!

                                                             Decorating a cake for C day!

                                                    Blueberry muffins for "Blue" Day!

                                            Daddy made rainbow pancakes for Rainbow Week!

                                       Malachi adding "clouds" to his Noah's Ark Rainbow!

So really, school is mostly just an organized time of play for us  to have!  Some days school takes 5 minutes and sometimes we can spend hours with it.  We just kind of do what he wants and I think he is learning a thing or two along the way ;)


Brittany said...

They are so cute! Homeschooling is such a blessing!