Thursday, November 29, 2012

First Dentist Visit

Imagine the fear in my eyes when at our last pediatric appointment our pediatrician said it was time to schedule Malachi for his very first dentist visit.  Malachi has a bit of a hard time with new experiences and I know I hate going to the dentist so I wasn't looking forward to it FOR him.  With that being said, we definitely knew that going to a pediatric dentist was going to be important for him, since they would know how best to handle kids who may have a bit of fear. 

We also had a little bit of concern over a possible chipped tooth on Eli, so we decided to just take them both in.  This worked really well because as soon as we got there Malachi started shouting "no!" So we decided to go ahead and let Eli go first and let Malachi watch.  We were banking on Eli being a good patient ;)

They did a great job of warming the kids up and letting them see how all the tools worked.  This got Malachi really excited and within minutes he hopped right up on the table to play with the assistant!

As hard as it was to believe, it didn't take long before Malachi had some birthday cake flavored polish and was letting her clean away.  He wouldn't lay back, but this was pretty darn amazing for Malachi.  We sure were proud of him!


He got a bit jealous when it was Eli's turn, so they distracted him with a dragon who needed his teeth brushed!

And Eli was super compliant!  He got to watch Mickey Mouse on the tv on the ceiling while he got his teeth cleaned!

 They did awesome!  The dentist said we're doing everything right and their teeth look great!  We also spent a lot of time talking about Ethiopia and adoption since their dentist adopted from Ethiopia a year ago with our same agency! The boys had a blast playing with toys and watching tv while we talked to the dentist.  It was a perfect first dentist visit.  The boys did not want to leave and Malachi still talks about the fun he had at the dentist.  And here I thought Fun and Dentist were oxymoron's 


Rusti said...

that sounds like a GREAT dental office and a dream of a first appointment! Emma had her first one in July and (similarly to you - I have dental anxiety) with her shyness and refusal to let the doctor LOOK in her mouth for well-child checks/illness - I knew it was going to be a nightmare... she wasn't too sure at first, but did great and still talks about it. we don't have a pediatric dentist, but he did have a TV in the room and a little TINY video camera so she got to see the inside of her mouth on the screen :) glad your visit went well!!

childrendentistsca said...

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Unknown said...

Great looking clinic! It looks so fun and enjoyable for kids. This clinic definitely knows how to take care of children. Kudos to you and your kids on a great day! Bringing them back for a check-up or cleaning next time will definitely be hassle-free.

- Darcy Losh

Unknown said...

Well, there’s a nice office if I ever saw one! Haha! Malachi doesn’t even look like he was at the dentist. It really seemed like a normal day for him. That really says a lot about how the dentist works with children, how she was able to ease away their fears. I’m pretty sure Malachi would be more than happy to go back for another dentist appointment.

Ted Grimmer

Unknown said...

Looks like you’ve found a good dentist because she was able to manage two playful kids! It’s nice to know that your two sons cooperated very well on their first visit. I’m pretty sure they’ll be excited for the next visit after seeing that!

>Kaley Baum

Unknown said...

Wow, I'm glad that they were able to have such a great experience. I've actually got to go in for dental implants in Colorado Springs when I take my nephew goes in for their first appointment. Hopefully everything goes as well for me as it did for you. Thank you for sharing!

Ron Peter said...

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