Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Color Run

We trained all summer for this race today!  Like I stated at the beginning of the summer, I am NOT a runner and this has been a big challenge for me to even get to the point of running a 5K.  

So with that, we were off to the Color Run!  The cold bug has been flying around the house for the last few weeks and unfortunately it caught me!  So I was definitely not feeling 100% but I definitely wanted to give the race my best, which unfortunately was not much today.  I was really disappointed in how I did, but there will be more races and I still had a lot of fun!  

Here are a few pictures of race day!  The camera was in a ziplock bag, so the pictures are a little bit blurry.

Lots and lots and lots of racer's coming in!

                                                                 All squeaky clean!

                                                       Working our way to the start line!

                                                                   Ready to go!

                                                                    On our way!

                                                                     Color Fun!

                                                                   Almost done!


                                                                   Ah, the finish line!

                                                                Time to celebrate!


                                        Grandpa and Grandma watched the kids while we ran!

                        Us with Peter's brother Andy.  We all trained together over the summer for this race!

It really was a lot of fun and I look forward to the next time this race comes to town and at the very least, staying in shape, continuing to get better at running for the Disneyland 5K next year!