Thursday, September 20, 2012

Last half of Disneyland

Boy has this last week been a whirlwind.  But We are home now and while there is a huge list of things on my to-do list - I wanted to get the last pictures of Disneyland posted.  So enjoy :)

Malachi has been doing really great with potty training, however pooping has been quite scary for him and he has struggled with that. Disneyland seemed to be a turning point for him with this (WHOOHOO!) Malachi constantly asked to go for walks from our hotel room and so we told him he could go for a walk and pick out a special treat if he would poo in the potty.  Well, he went and off him and Peter went to the candy store.  Now, the store has a huge glass case full of lots of goodies and what does our little boy choose - a bag of chocolate covered pretzels.  Silly boy :)

Peter proposed to me in this spot, going on 8 years ago!  Every year, when we return to Disneyland we get a special photo in that spot (this might be worth a blog post of its own sometime!) The boys were NOT in to getting their photo taken with us, but hey - this is real life! 

                                             Bina sleeping while the boys played in the fountains!

                                                          My favorite place in all the parks!

        Another favorite place is our annual date to The Blue Bayou! Yummy Monte Cristo to share!

                                                                Such a fun place to eat!

Running around in the Wilderness Camp Trails.  A part of the parks we have never visited before!

                                                                  Bina sleeping again!

I hate rides that spin, but how could I resist my precious, brave little boy grabbing my hand and asking mommy to ride with him!  Hope he knows I love him because mommy did not enjoy the ride quite as much as he did ;)

                                                     The cute Playhouse Disney Show!

Now, everyone knows that I favor Disneyland very much over "the world". But there were a few pieces of the World that I thought were better than the Land.  One of those things was a yummy fruit tart that you could buy in the French Pavilion in Epcot.  However, a new sweet shop opened up in Disneyland recently and looky what we found - score another point for "The Land" :) :) :)

                            The boys spent a lot of time in Bugsland.  Peter had to hold on tight!

                                                 Adorable little girl waiting on her brothers!
                                                       The boys are up there somewhere ;)

                                                                   Snack break!

A new place that when I heard the name, I just knew we would HAVE to get a picture there every year we take Mr Elias.  (If anyone doesn't know, Mr Elias was named after Walter ELIAS Disney!)

                                         Riding on Sabrina's favorite ride - The Little Mermaid!

I always enjoy ending our Disney trip with a night show.  Whether that be the fireworks, Fantasmic, or World of Color.  I love to curl up close to Peter and let the music fill me up with joy, even if I do feel some sadness over another Disney trip coming to an end!  We snuck out (with my parents babysitting the sleeping babies) and enjoyed World of Color to end another amazing Disney vacation!  Always looking forward to the year ahead and our next visit to The Happiest Place on Earth!