Friday, September 21, 2012

5 Months

Already  another month older and changing at a rapid pace these days!  I seriously adore this age and am trying to enjoy every single cuddle and snuggle because I know these days with little miss Sabrina are numbered.
Sabrina is now 13 lbs 6 ounces (10-25%).  She is still not gaining much weight and we are keeping a close eye on that with our pediatrician.  Our pediatrician has not shown any concern at all and says her height and weight are proportionate and that she is just a petite little girl.  I tend to worry just a bit more that maybe she is not getting enough to eat, but the pediatrician reassures me that hungry babies do not sleep 12 hours at night!  So, we will do another weight check when she is 6 months and see where she is at!  A lot of the 3-6 months clothes are still quite large on her and she is still fitting perfectly in size 2 diapers! This girl has no waste, so a lot of her pants almost fall of of her! 

Sabrina is becoming a lot of fun as she can now grab her toys!  It is time to put the swing and bouncy chair away, and let her play more in the jumperoo and with toys on the floor!  Another huge milestone this month is she decided she doesn't hate tummy time (yay!) and actually rolls over and sleeps on her tummy and plays on her tummy most of the time!

She has also started saying "mama" this month!  Peter often reminds me that she has no idea what she is saying, but I just think he is jealous because that means 2 kids said Mama first and that makes me ahead in the count ;)  

She continues to love her baby food!  We have tried lots of new yummy foods this month.  Her favorite food still seems to be peaches and she is still not a fan of green beans.  She also got to try her first finger food a few days ago (puffs). Every time I hold her and eat, she basically lunges toward the food, so I figured she might as well try some of her own finger foods.  She also had a few formula bottles this past week.  We went to Las Vegas for a few days and the hotel wanted to charge an outrageous amount for a fridge in our room, so I decided to pack formula instead of frozen milk.  She puked it up a few times (the first time ALL over her grandma) and seemed much more gassy so I am glad that we are done with it, at least for now!

We have had a few bumps in the road with sleep lately, but now that we are home she seems to be doing better!  Two weeks of vacation messed her schedule up quite a bit!  Also, she was not a fan at first of rolling over at night and being on her tummy, but now she thinks that sleeping on her tummy is great!  She is sleeping about 10-12 hours at night and taking about 2 naps per day!

We love you to PIECES little girl!  You, my daughter have filled my heart with so much joy! You are happy and fun and just a delight to have in our life!  These past few weeks you have been SUCH a trooper with all the traveling and have just gone with the flow!  You are one great baby ;)