Friday, September 21, 2012

Finally Did It!

It might have taken ALL summer, but I can say I finally ran a 5K distance!  Peter has been pushing me lately to do it, and I knew I probably could if I pushed myself, but today he helped me push it all the way and I reached my goal with a little time to spare!  With my knee issues right at the beginning, I really did wonder if I would be able to get there, but I am so happy that those are working themselves out and that I met this goal for myself! Next week is Color Run day and I hope to be able to have a really good and fun race!  I still do not find running enjoyable.  Well, actually I do enjoy about 2 miles at a time, but after that it I don't find it fun.  Peter assures me that soon I will find it enjoyable to run 3 miles a day. We will see :)


Leigh said...

So jealous of the color run!!! We didn't sign up soon enough and got wait listed! Have a blast! And awwwesome on the 3K. I have been working towards it but vacation and now the flu have held me down.