Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Day 3 and 4 Disneyland Vacation!

Whew, what a busy and exhausting last few days!  Kids in Disneyland is a totally different ballgame ;)  Not that I am complaining, because the last 2 years of trips here I have been pregnant. Once at 20 weeks where it was getting harder to move around and I was still feeling sick and once at 5 weeks which was at the peak of morning sickness - not fun!  Every time we pass a pregnant woman, I am so glad that it is not me this time ;)  We have worked out a pretty good schedule where Peter and I are able to go out for a couple hours every afternoon without the kids to do some of the rides that they can't do.  Then we spend the rest of the time focused on the kids.  In addition to time in the park, we have also spent some time in the pool with the boys.  It took them a few minutes to get used to the water, but after that they had a blast in the pool!  I look forward to getting them in the water again, hopefully tomorrow!  

I also just have to brag on Malachi a little bit.  He was so afraid of everything that first day and while we are still avoiding the dark rides with him (Eli and Bina still love them though) he has become so brave and has tried almost every outdoor ride now.  He had a huge turning point yesterday on the tea cups and now he just about loves everything we've tried with him.  For a little boy who has a lot of fears, this is huge progress!

I am too tired to detail too much of the trip, but wanted to throw out some fun photos (which is what everyone wants anyway!)  

Loving all the Disney details in the hotel room!

The shower curtain:

                                                        Hidden Mickey's in the carpet!

                                                               Border in the bathroom!

              The incredible hotel lobby!  And seriously, it is amazing having our room within minutes of the park gates!  Almost too convenient because I'm never going to want to stay anywhere else now ;)

                                                            The incredible new Carsland!

                                                               Chocolate Pie face :)

                                                Trying to fish a cellphone out of the water (not ours!) :)

                                     Bina on the Little Mermaid.  A ride I couldn't wait to get her on!

                                                                 Lots of characters!

The much anticipated meeting of Mimi!  My boys were happy and so upset when their turn with her was over.

                                                   So nice to see him happy in Disneyland!

                                             Empty ride on the teacups!  Definitely a favorite of the boys!

                                 Character Breakfast!  Mal didn't want anything to do with the other characters, but he sure loved Mulan!