Friday, September 28, 2012

1st week of "school"

Malachi started "preschool" this week!  Since he will more than likely be homeschooled anyway, I spent a lot of time this summer working on a really basic, mostly just for fun homeschool curriculum of sorts for him.  As I've said before, Malachi is super smart!  He's known all of his ABC's since before he was 2, He can count forward and backward to 20. He knows his colors and his shapes and is starting to learn basic sight words.   His pediatrician highly recommended getting him in to preschool as soon as possible.  Cognitively, he isn't quite old enough for a lot of things and there aren't any 2 year old preschool classes around here so it became very apparent that homeschooling would be best for him this year.  

Now, it is nothing too structured or too serious.  Mostly he will spend time going back over concepts that he already knows well and also just spends a lot of time playing with playdough, practicing gluing skills, working on pre-writing, reading books with mommy.  And if he isn't feeling it, then I'm not going to push it with him.  One day this week, he was NOT into it (he was also very sick) and so we just didn't do anything that day (he already has the #1 figured out anyway).  So here are just a few of the fun things this week had in store for us:

An "official" first day of preschool photo :)  This boy had a 103 to 104 degree temp most of the week, but he hardly showed it! 

On Monday we read lots of books about cows and then had a snack of food that cows make.  He will proudly tell you that "cows make milk, yogurt, and cheese!"

                                                        Poor sick boy on one of the days :(

                                                                  A is for Acorn craft!

                                                              Finger painting like a true artist!

                                                             His fall hand print tree craft!

I really didn't have very high expectations for school time this year.  After all, he is just 2 years old, but this week went way better than I would have ever expected and we got to spend lots of time together which makes it even better!