Monday, September 10, 2012

Disneyland Day 1 and 2

We are coming down from a very busy last few days.  I wish the camera's and computers would cooperate a little bit better to show some of our travel and our room, but those will just have to wait.  

We are those crazy parents who thought it was a good idea to travel down to Disneyland with 3 kids under 2 ;)  We knew it could be a lot to ask of our very young children, but we decided to give it a whirl.  My parents have been on a waitlist to get into the Grand Californian Villa's for almost 2 years and it finally came through for them so we could not pass up such an amazing opportunity to stay in a 2 bedroom villa literally inside of the park!  And let me just say, this place is incredible and it is so convenient to get back to the room when the kids need a break!  

The travel day was very long.  All the kids did amazing on the flight.  Malachi sat in his carseat and colored and read books.  Eli sat with my parents and drew, ate snacks, and loved looking out the window.  Sabrina slept most of the way.  The hardest part was that the kids didn't get a nap.  We landed, hauled ALL of our stuff (packing 3 kids for a week requires a whole lot of stuff!) checked in (even though our room wasn't ready, we needed to get rid of our luggage).  Went out to eat, and went grocery shopping.  The kids were exhausted but they hung with us until the end of the day!  We watched World of Color out the windows and then tucked them into bed.  We were all worn out and I had high hopes since we were all asleep by 10:00.  But that was short lived as after about an hour, poor exhausted Eli woke up just screaming and was so sad.  We actually ended up with Malachi in my parent's room.  Me and Sabrina in our room, and Eli and Peter on the pull out couch.  It was quite a first night.  Sabrina and Eli were both up around 6 in the morning.

We got everyone loaded up for a fun day in the parks! It is still very warm down here but the parks are pretty empty!  We were able to do quite a bit with the kids early.  It didn't take long for our two early bird children to fall asleep!  Elias loved all the rides.  Malachi had a much harder time with it all.   But we finally found something that we knew he would love - a spray park!  So it all ended on a good note with him.  The kids were still pretty worn out, so my parents went out for a few hours while we stayed and napped with the kids!  Then we switched for a few hours.  So we all got to do things we liked!  We got to check out Carsland for the very first time and got to enjoy California Adventure without construction walls (FINALLY!)  It is a really great park now!  

It was a fun first day at Disneyland and we still have 5 more fun filled days to go!  More updates to come.