Thursday, October 4, 2012

Peter's Happening's!

Peter has always had a liking to tattoo's.  We've always enjoyed watching the shows on netfliz relating to tattoo's.  Hearing the stories behind them and watching the artist's use skin as a canvas!  Truly, it is incredible to watch them work!  If they mess up, it can be big trouble!

Ever since Malachi came home, Peter has been trying to come up with the perfect tattoo to embrace Malachi's Ethiopian heritage!  He threw around a lot of different idea's and even after figuring out the perfect idea, he spent months trying to design it just the way he wanted!  Then it was time to save all of his pennies, so he could splurge on actually getting the tattoo!  I mean it, any gift money he has received has gone into saving for this tattoo! 

This week he was finally able to get his idea put on his skin!  I know there are lots of differing opinions about tattoos.  Some people love them, some people hate them, and some people just don't care either way.  I think it turned out amazing and Peter loves it!  

To ezplain a bit of the background of this tattoo, lion's are a huge symbol of pride in Ethiopia.  Several times while we were there, we heard stories of how Ethiopia is the lion of Africa.  They are the one nation who has never been overtaken by a foreign country and they feel like they are the leader's of the country.  Now I can also tell you, that anyone who probably has an Ethiopian child can vouch about their alpha personality - it is just who they are and I am proud of that in my son - he is a survivor!  As you drive around Addis Ababa there are also several Lion statue's in the city.  Along with the Lion of Judah, Peter also put Malachi's Ethiopian name under the Lion - Segni Jimma!  

This is Peter's favorite Lion of Judah statue in Ethiopia:

And this is how it turned out on his arm - pretty awesome!

We also continue our journey with running.  I've scaled back a bit, but will push harder in the weeks to come!  Peter is full steam ahead!  He really is an amazing runner! He has a life goal of running a marathon, although I can see him becoming an addict and know that one is probably just the tip of the iceberg.  But he is on his way now!  His first "goal" is to run the Disneyland Half Marathon next September.  I'm good with just sticking to 5K's, although depending on how I am doing I MIGHT (big MIGHT) run an 8K in March.

Peter's plan is to run about 3 training races in the meantime.  His next race up, being a 5K on Thanksgiving Day!  He's all signed up and I know he will do a great job!  I'll be sitting this one out and probably be cheering him on from the sidelines with my raincoat on ;)


Veronique said...

I LOVE the tattoo!! My husband has MANY meaningful tattoos and I love them all, so that's what really counts I think. If my husband likes it and I like it, I don't care what others :)