Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dinner with Almaz

Tonight was a very special night for our family.  2 Years we left Ethiopia with Malachi in our arms.  I longed for a year to bring that little guy into our home and yet for some reason when we got on that airplane with him I was overcome with tears and sadness that we were taking him away from his country and the only people he ever knew.  

One thing I know without a shadow of a doubt is that Malachi was loved DEEPLY while we were waiting for him to come home.  The special mother's who took care of him and also by a woman named Almaz - the director at Hannah's Hope.  When we left the gates of Hannah's Hope, I didn't think we would ever see any of them again, but tonight we had the incredible opportunity to take Malachi to Portland and have dinner with  Almaz!  

We happened to be sitting right by the door that Almaz came in and she  came right over to see Malachi.  She gave me a huge hug and said Hi to him. Instantly the tears started flowing from her eyes.  She looked around the room and said "wow, look at all these children!"  She went and said hello to another family and then had to leave the room for a few moments to collect herself!  She later admitted that she is a very task oriented woman and keeps the business side of AGCI going, but seeing these kids home with their families was too much for her!  

She was swarmed from the minute she walked in that room with children.  I got to see just how much she loves the kids that came in to her care! This was an event organized by our agency and so they were trying to keep the night moving but Almaz was focused on seeing her kids :)  Even while the AGCI staff was speaking, she was hugging on kids.  She tried to come over and talk to Malachi, but he was being very shy.  She said "That is good.  Usually I am on your side of this.  Tonight, I am the rejected one."  It was a healthy sign of attachment for her to see :)

She gave a highly motivational speech about all the children that have come home and all the children still left behind.  She reminded us that we all have a responsibility to Ethiopia now and that our children are someday going to want to know about the country they came from.  It is part of our duty to remember and help Ethiopia.  The love of God just radiates from this woman and it was truly an honor to get to spend this evening with her!

She loves these kids.  I mean, she really truly loves these kids and I love her because of the way she loved my son!  She worked so hard to get everything in order when we were struggling to pass court.  She even demanded of the judge at one point that we would be granted an earlier court date.  The judge wanted to schedule us out a whole month and she said "no, we will have this document by tomorrow.  Schedule a sooner date." And so the judge listened and we passed court and were able to get our son home.  There is no better feeling than knowing your son was getting the best possible care in that time before he came home!

Tonight was amazing!  God bless Almaz for the work she does!


Audrey McNair said...

This is a great post..brought tears to my eyes! It's awesome to read about how much love she has for those sweet kids. And you guys have done something so special, to give Malachi a home filled with love for him! I love seeing your sweet family :)

Maria Delgado said...

How awesome!!! I definitely would have cried! In fact, I am tearing up now. Lol.