Monday, October 15, 2012

Special Moment's

Sometimes, being a mom is hard - really hard!  But most of the time, it is definitely the best job in the world! Here are just a few reasons that I jotted down during my day:

1) The way my boys sing along with the opening song of Lion King.
2) I cannot move without one of my little boys jumping up next to me on the couch or gripping my legs and saying "awww, mama" and giving me a big hug!
3) Malachi being my biggest cheerleader.  He is always full of encouraging words "wow, good job mom" "high five Mom" "that looks yummy mama"
4) The love they show to their baby sister
5) How Sabrina adores Malachi!
6) Sabrina's smile when I walk in her room to get her from her naps.
7) The way she looks when I have rocked her to sleep.
8) Listening from the other room to the boys talk with each other and play!
9) Hearing Malachi tell me about how he was born in Jimma!
10) The way Sabrina sucks on her fist.
11) How the boys run to the couch when I bring in a stack of books to read.  Mal will shout "read books?!" and Eli will pat the couch at my spot between them.  Eli always sits on my right and Malachi always sits to my left.
12) The way Eli says "thanks"
13) The fact that they didn't want mama to leave their room at bedtime, so there I sat in the dark with my right hand in Eli's hand and my left hand in Malachi's, singing "Jesus Loves Me" together!

I do say, I have some pretty darn sweet children!  I have been very, very blessed!


Maria Delgado said...

:) Love this post!