Thursday, October 18, 2012

6 Months So Soon!

Gah, my baby is already 6 months old.  I'm not sure how I feel about this!  I love having a baby in the house and gosh, my baby is now 6 months old!  What am I going to do with myself?!?  I know she is going to go through so many rapid changes in these next 6 months leading up to her birthday.  I'm just trying to enjoy as much time as I can with her being a snuggly lil baby!  

Sabrina is now 14 lbs 4 ounces.  This is almost a pound of weight gain in the last month, which is great considering she hasn't gained hardly anything the 3 months prior to this!  However, this also does mean she has dropped to the 5-10% for weight.  Our doctor said she wouldn't be concerned until she is under the 2-3%, but we will talk much more in depth with her about it all at her appointment next week!

With that being said, she is still nursing about 6 times per day.  In addition to that, I have started supplementing her a few ounces of formula after a couple of her feeding every day.  This seems to have helped her gain a little bit of weight.  She is also eating 3 meals of baby food per day.  I am still really enjoying making all of her food.  We added a bunch of new fruits and veggies this month and also chicken!  I think we have a new contender for a favorite food - she seems to really love Zucchini!!!

Sabrina learned some new big tricks this month.  She learned how to sit up all on her own.  Sometimes she still needs a little bit of help with a boppy supporting her, but she can also do it on her own when she wants to!  And just very lately, she has started scooting backwards during playtime.  Just today she got up on her knees briefly, so she is showing all the signs that she is thinking about crawling.  Honestly, I am not a huge fan of that idea.  She can stay my baby as long as she wants.  Would it be wrong of me to push her over ;)

We have gotten in to a really great schedule with her!  She goes down between 7-7:30 every night.  Lately she has been waking up between 5-6 in the morning to nurse then will go back to sleep until around 8.  She takes a nap at 11:00 and 3:00.  They are usually about 2 hours each!  It is nice to be in a good routine now, even if I am still very busy trying to balance all of the kids.  Fortunately Sabrina is a pretty patient little girl!

She is still just a really pleasant and fun little baby girl!  She loves her Mama (I am definitely her most favorite person - YAY!)! We are seeing more and more of her personality everyday.  She seems to have a very calm demeanor like Elias, but might even be quieter and calmer than he is!  She is also just super happy and has the biggest smile!  At this point she also still has blue eyes, so I am wondering if she might actually get to keep them - that would be a huge surprise!!!

We love you Beanie Baby!  I hate that you are growing up so fast but I know it has to happen and I do look forward to all of the fun things to come with my daughter!


Maria Delgado said...

Oh my word!!!! CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They do grow up fast!

Audrey McNair said...

She is adorable! They grow up way too fast!