Monday, October 8, 2012

Fruit Loop!

Every fall we look forward to doing the "Fruit Loop".  Last year, we missed out because I was in the trenches of morning sickness and didn't think I could endure a 2 hour car ride, but we were back on track with it this year and Elias and Sabrina got to visit the Fruit Loop for the very first time!  

                                          Malachi wasn't too sure about the corn maze!

                         And Eli was in heaven, thinking that there were pumpkin balls everywhere!

Now, this just cracks me up.  This is a picture of Malachi on his first trip on the pumpkin patch about a month after we brought him home.  He was 5 months old and SUCH a lil butterball :)  I just wish I could still squeeze that chunky little baby boy :)

                                              And now he is such a handsome little boy! 2 years has gone way too fast!

                                                     And then Sabrina was DONE!

We bought a lot of apples on the fruit loop and got ourselves busy making lots of applesauce for the kids to enjoy through the winter.  The boys even helped!