Tuesday, October 16, 2012

2 1/2 Years Old!

2 1/2 years ago today precious little Mr Malachi entered this world!  Look at that handsome little guy!  So blessed to get to be his Mama!  

Today was "blue" day with our school time so we made blueberry muffins and he was so proud of himself.  One of my favorite parts of him growing older is getting to bake with him a couple times a week! 

Malachi continues to amaze me more everyday with all the things he is learning.  He has known his ABC's and Numbers since before he was 2, but now he is an expert at his colors and shapes and even a few sight words.  This past week we worked on which one is bigger and smaller and patterns and he figured those out really fast!  He loves to learn!

Another very fun part of him growing older is the increase in his vocabulary.  He makes me laugh all the time with the things he says!  He is becoming more polite (and sometimes more defiant) and it is really nice that I can sit down with him and talk with him and he actually understands most of what I am saying.  He is also my little echo and repeats everything I say - for better or worse!

Another huge feat we have conquered is potty training!  It is so nice to have one kid using the potty!  Way to go Malachi - Mommy is super proud about this one! 

Malachi remains quite the little firecracker!  He's loud, he moves 100mph, he can be extremely stubborn, but best of all he loves to live life and doesn't want to waste a moment of it!  I have said it all along and I still believe it - this kid is going to do some amazing things with his life, I just know it!

Oh Malachi, you have taught me so much these last couple years.  I love you so much and I feel incredibly honored that God chose me to get to be your mother.  You have lit up my life so much, just by being you!  You made all of my dreams come true!  Happy half birthday sweet boy!


Maria Delgado said...

He has totally become a little man! Awww!