Wednesday, February 29, 2012

32 Weeks

Today I hit the 32 week Goal we had set! That is great news and at 32 weeks a baby has about the same odds of survival (with NICU help of course) that a full term baby has! That is a huge relief although my ultimate goal is to avoid the NICU altogether this time.

Once again, blood pressure looks good and baby sounds good - blah blah blah.

I had my final FFN as they aren't effective tests to run at 34 weeks. Got the results tonight, showing I am still positive. Doctor was pleased that I am not dilating anymore but is still pretty concerned about some other things. In her words, my body is just saying it is tired and ready to be done with this pregnancy and after back to back pregnancies I can't really blame it. It seems that baby has completely dropped into my pelvis now in anticipation of delivering soon. But the no dilatation is a good sign, even if the FFN is a not so great sign. She said just to maintain very strict bed rest and mentioned that she may release me from bed rest at 34 weeks.

I am still very hopeful of making it to at the MINIMUM 35 weeks which would be March 21st, but it sure would be awesome to get into April. Either way, it is really starting to hit me that we are going to be having another little baby here very soon!