Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bag Packed - Check!

Well, life on bed rest is pretty boring (31 1/2 weeks though - yay!) so not much to report on life these days. But over the course of this week I did get a few things checked off of our to-do list. I got pre-registered at our hospital but I must make it to 35 weeks in order for that to even be a possibility but in my mind I am going to make it that far and beyond! I am just not even letting my mind think of the possibility of delivering before that!

I also got most of my hospital bag packed. This was something I was running around trying to finish up when my water broke last time and I will not be caught off guard with it this time (even though I literally used 2 things out of it since I was in and out of the hospital so fast).

My favorite part of the bag and of not finding out what we are having is packing up baby clothes and wondering what we will be using for this little one! As long as this baby gets to stay with us at the hospital, we will get to dress baby right away and I love to play dress up with the kids so I am looking forward to that this time!

I was really drawn to the pink stuff, I have to admit it. But then I started looking at all of those tiny little outfits and memories of Eli wearing them came back and I have to admit I would love to have another little baby boy to wear all those cute things Eli wore. I also packed a few unisex gowns just for good measure :)

I also "think" I have figured out coming home outfits but I may change my mind. We'll see!