Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Well, my FFN came back positive this time so the orders are strict bedrest. I admit I was very surprised by this result and it is hard not to feel somewhat stressed out scared. The good news is that the FFN just says that there is a risk of going into labor within 2 weeks, not a guarantee so if I am careful hopefully we will get this baby to full term.

The news was a little hard to swallow, as strict bedrest is a big deal when I have two little guys already to take care of. But it didn't take long to work out a plan to get us through these next several weeks. I will be retested in 2 weeks but have a pretty good feeling that this bedrest will remain until I reach full term at 37 weeks or deliver.

I am trying to just take it a day at a time, but I admit I am nervous about the possibility of having another preemie. 30 weekers tend to do really well if born early, so that is great but just one week in the NICU broke my heart with Eli and I can't even imagine having weeks or possibly months in the NICU. I also stress about what it would be if we do have to try and balance being there for a little one in the NICU and and trying to be there for the two at home. It was hard enough to balance that for a week and it is almost too much for me to think about. So I just try to remember what has gotten me through the first trimester of both pregnancies - today I am pregnant! Today there is a baby baking inside of me, growing bigger and stronger by the second. Who knows what tomorrow holds and it is still possible for me to make it to full term so we are on the take it one day at a time plan!


Elle J said...

Praying for you, your boys, your hubby, and baby!!! No doubt you have a lot on your mind. Prayers that you feel His showers of peace, and that you find Rest during this wait - because when baby arrives, you will be busy with love, even more than you already are! Rest.