Wednesday, February 22, 2012

31 Weeks!

Well, we have survived week 1 of bed rest and 1 week closer to our goal of a full term little one!

Bed rest is interesting. Actually, this last week has felt like the longest week of my life! I am so used to the boys keeping me so busy that time feels like it is creeping by now that I can't do anything. Bed rest is not easy or fun. It is boring and I have more aches and pains from the lack of movement, but it is all worth it to be a week closer to an at term baby.

There is NO WAY I could survive all of this without the help from my mom. She comes over in the morning, loads up the kids and I and we go over to her house where I lay on the couch all day and she takes care of the kids. I like this, because I am at least able to be around my kids with this system. She does our laundry and cooks all of our meals and we have pretty much turned her entire world upside down because we occupy all of her time. It would be impossible for me to stick to strict bed rest without all of her help. Peter comes over there after work, and we eat dinner with them, my mom gives the boys baths and then Peter loads everyone up and takes us home and gets everyone in bed. It just seems so strange (and hard) for me to not be able to take care of my own family and have to rely on those around me so much.

The kids are adjusting pretty good to the new schedule. At home, we've always followed a pretty good routine and so putting the kids in a different situation and routine has taken some time for them to figure out. It is great because Malachi will still climb up on the couch and give me much needed snuggle time and lots of kisses as does Eli, which I really enjoy. So it is working out pretty good because I don't feel like I am missing out on being with the kids. Malachi is having a verbal explosion right now and loves to dance and sing and show off so it is nice to not miss that. Eli is learning lots of new things - he is pointing at everything now and learning body parts - and I'm right there to at least see it. The kids being happy makes me happy!

As far as the pregnancy goes we are surviving. I am still having quite a few contractions, especially in the evening hours even though I chug water all day long. I have also been feeling more pelvic pressure which worries me quite a bit, but we've made it a week closer and that makes it all worth it.