Friday, February 10, 2012

Gender Guesses

One of the best parts of not finding out boy or girl is getting to spend the entire pregnancy guessing the gender. With Eli all the Old Wives Tales were pretty much split 50/50. With this pregnancy almost every single old wives tale has pointed to girl. Now, it will be really funny to look back at this after baby comes if it does end up being another boy.

The two things that have convinced me most of a girl are: Placement in 8 week ultrasound. Now this is one I always use on people and so far it has been very, very accurate. If baby is implanted on the right side it is a boy and if it implants on the left side it is a girl. Here are my 8 week ultrasounds for comparison:

The other one is how different I am carrying this baby. The theory is that boys are carried low (and boy did I carry Eli LOW!) and girls carry high. I wasn't too convinced by this one, because I still don't feel like this baby is that high. I'm definitely not getting kicked in the ribs or anything but that probably has more to do with the fact that I think this baby is laying transverse right now. I was actually surprised though, when I did this comparison because I am definitely carrying much higher based on the pictures:

Now, not to completely take away from the boy side. The only old wives tale that has me thinking that this may be a boy is the heartbeat. This baby is steadily in the 140's or 150's at doctors appointments which is a lower heartbeat than a lot of girls.

Some other old wives tales predicting girl:

Lots of morning sickness in 1st trimester = Girl (now I did have some intense morning sickness with this baby but I also had it and it lasted much longer with Eli so I don't put a lot of faith in this one)
Craving sweets = Girl Now this one is very true for me. Last pregnancy I lost my sweet tooth but this time I pretty much want something sweet at least once (or twice) a day!
Chinese Gender Chart = Girl Some people swear by this one!
Your last son or daughter said Mama first = Girl Now I find this one totally ridiculous and funny, but yes Eli's first word was mama!
More emotional = Girl

Honestly, I couldn't find any other ones besides heartbeat that indicate boy. But that doesn't mean I am going to go out and buy a bunch of pink. (although I would be lying if I said I haven't bought a few girly things just in case!) Just a short time now before we will know for sure!


Platinum Rose said...

Wow I must have just been completely turned around or something...I had always thought if it's a boy you carry high, and the heartbeat is faster. That was true for me. And I had a boy. So now I am just all sorts of confused and mixed up!

Unknown said...

Am 19 weeks 6days,carrying low,baby in transverse position,heart beat at 18 Weeks was 158. I strongly believe boy.everyone telling its a boy. Could not tell gender because baby was facing down.