Wednesday, February 15, 2012

30 Weeks

Well, here we are finally at 30 weeks! All along I have been most worried about the stretch from 30-36 weeks and here we are - time to be on high alert!

My appointment today did not go great. All the usual stuff was fine - blood pressure, weight gain right under 20 lbs, heartbeat sounds great! I was telling my doctor about how I am not having braxton hicks anymore and have been drinking a lot of water. She confirmed that I am well hydrated. Then I was telling her about how I have had some really uncomfortable cramping and that I had an episode of 3 hours with crampy contractions 5 minutes apart. I also had another similar episode a couple nights ago that lasted about an hour. So she decided to do another FFN to see if am at risk of labor within 2 weeks. So we await those results once again and hope it will be negative. In other news, she was not thrilled that she could feel the baby's head which is putting additional stress on my cervix and there is now also concern that my cervix may be shortening too early. Now I am off my feet until the results of the FFN come and we will take it from there!

I admit I am starting to get really nervous. About the health of this baby if it doesn't bake long enough. I am so afraid of having another NICU baby but I know we would get through it if that is what happens. I am so afraid of all these restrictions and being able to take care of my boys that are at home or what if this baby has a NICU stay and being pulled between my boys at home and the baby in the hospital and Peter having to go back to work. All these cares that are not mine to worry about. I just have to take this a day at a time and do my part to ensure this baby stays in as long as possible. Will update with FFN results once I get them.

In good news, we are mostly prepared for baby. My goals for the next two weeks are to get pre-registered at the hospital and to get my bag packed and bags packed for the boys. These are two things I waited until the last minute to do with Eli and do not want to have to be worrying about with this little one. So better to just get them knocked off the list!