Friday, March 30, 2012

36 Weeks 1 Day

Well, we made it past the day I was hoping to make it. Elias was born at exactly 36 weeks and this whole pregnancy I have been hoping to just pass that one day. Now I am officially 36 weeks 2 days and by the NICU's guesstimates Eli was only 2-3 days shy of being able to breath on his own. So I am feeling really good about where we are at, even though I know every baby is different and this one could still have issues if born too early.

I had my 36 week appointment yesterday at 36 weeks 1 day. My doctor came dancing into the room that we had made it this far and said I have done a remarkable job :) Made me feel really good after enduring 6 weeks of bedrest!

Everything is still looking good. Baby had a heart rate of 145 this week. Things are definitely starting to progress though and I am feeling it too. My doctor said I can start doing some more stuff this week but that she wants me to mostly take it easy until I hit 37 weeks on Wednesday and then I can resume all normal activities! I asked her if she was still thinking I would make it to about 38 weeks and she wasn't quite as confident in her answer this week. She said she thinks I will progress quickly once I get my legs back.

I am even starting to have more and more signs that labor may be approaching soon. Last night I had a few bouts of contractions that were strong enough to wake me up. I was really glad they didn't result in labor because all I kept thinking is how tired I was and how I didn't WANT to have to go to the hospital right then! I am still really warn out today and hope I can at least get a little bit more rested before labor comes (hahaha!)

So for now we just keep waiting and wondering when this kid is going to make his or her appearance. We are taking care of all the very last minute things. Have a list of last minute things to grab for me, and last minute things to grab for the kids and dog. I worked on Easter stuff today just in case and still plan on wrapping Malachi's Birthday presents today (even though we're still a few weeks away from that) just to be ready for everything thrown at us in these coming weeks. I would also love to get the house a little bit more spic and span but that will have to wait until I get to 37 weeks.

Thought I would throw a little last time belly shots in here and comparisons. This is my belly comparison from 8 months to 9 months. I can definitely see that baby dropped somewhere in that timeframe!

And my comparison from 35 weeks with Eli to 35 weeks with this baby. As different as I have carried this whole pregnancy, the belly pictures look almost identical at this point.
So there you have it. I am a ticking time bomb. Labor could start at any time or like my doctor phrased it "watch, this one after all that resting will need a crowbar to come out."


David and Larisa said...

Amy, so thankful that you've made it this far...I'm sure that it's a huge relief. I DO hope that no crowbars have to appear in the delivery room, however!