Friday, March 30, 2012

Snow Day 2012!

As tends to happen around here, we get about one small snow day every year. I have been waiting in anticipation these last few months because I really wanted to see what Malachi thought of the snow this year. He hated it last year.

Well, we got into March and the weather started becoming really nice and unseasonably warm. I could get used an early Spring so I decided I would prefer an early spring to snow any day. But, as it turns out, spring was just teasing us and we got a late snow this year. As much as I was annoyed, I figured we had better make the most of it so out came all that snow gear we bought just for that 1 day of snow a year and out we forced the kids at 8 in the morning (it was melting fast!) to check out the snow.

Malachi had no desire to wear gloves or a hat. He didn't seem to mind how cold the snow was on his hands. He loved eating it and kept saying "mmm" - silly kid.

Eli pretty much hated it and had about the same reaction to it that Malachi had last year. Oh well buddy, you'll be throwing snowballs soon enough!

It was a pretty short lived adventure in the snow as Daddy needed to go in to work, but hey, we at least have a little bit of picture proof that it did snow in March 2012.