Saturday, March 10, 2012

33 1/2 weeks

Well I am finally starting to see the end in sight! This was my 8 month picture that we took about a week ago. I am way bigger than I was with Eli (but still at about the same weight). Kind of crazy how different each child can be carried.

If I took a picture this week I would look totally different as my belly has definitely dropped in the past week! And boy can I feel it too (ouch!).

So as we are quickly approaching that awesome 34 week mark, we figured it was time to get our bedroom set up for baby. 34 weeks kind of enters that grey zone where there is a chance (might be slim though) that if I delivered baby could come home from the hospital with us. Then of course as we hit 35 and 36 weeks it reaches that 50/50 stage with everyday increasing the odds that we will be bringing baby home. So I figured it was time to get the pack and play all set up for our bundle of love. Complete with tiny diapers, wipes, burp rags, and plenty of extra clothes!

I thoroughly enjoy getting ready for a new baby in the house! I mean, even though this is the 3rd time in 2 years it is no less special than the 2 times prior! Every new baby is such a huge blessing to us!

Sweet little baby, I can't wait to meet you and snuggle you and find out if you are another son or my first daughter! I can't wait to see if you have dimples like your daddy or are born with even more hair than Elias was! Of course my daily prayer is that whenever you choose to enter this world that you will be healthy and able to stay with us the whole time! I can't wait to meet you and have you in the bed right beside me at night!!!

We are hanging in there with the bed rest. I am getting more and more uncomfortable but I definitely can see the light at the end of the tunnel, whether my doctor releases me from bedrest this week or makes me wait another 2 weeks - we are almost to the finish line! The last few things we have to take care of before baby comes is get Peter's to pack his bag (hopefully this weekend) and hopefully next weekend get the 3rd car seat installed in the car - my oh my, a few years ago I NEVER would have believed the back seat of our car would be FILLED! Full car, full house, full hearts!!!


Lauren said...

so exciting! We have so much of the same stuff!! haha We have the same pack n play and the same blanket set (the elephant one you have pictured is my fav)... so obviously you guys have good taste!! ;)

Leigh said...

YaY! you are getting so close! can't wait to find out if baby 3 is a girl or boy!!! It will be super sweet either way!!!