Friday, March 16, 2012

34 weeks 2 days

Today I had my 34 week appointment. 34 weeks is a marvelous milestone to reach as from this point on most babies only need a very short nicu stay (if any).

My appointment actually went really well. It started with them saying I had a lot of sugar in my system - yeah eating a brownie with breakfast probably caused that. They weren't too concerned since this is the first time they saw that. Then my blood pressure was high and my pulse rate was high. That is a little odd for someone already on strict bedrest but again, my doctor didn't seem concerned at this point with that.

Then it was time to see what was going on. I told her how I have been having a lot of pelvic pain and pressure and that I also had a bad bout of contractions. She mentioned giving me something to stop the contractions but I think decided against it after she saw how good I am doing! The baby has actually shifted positions and is no longer super low which I had told Peter yesterday that the baby must have moved some because I can now feel his/her butt near my ribs, which before it was down by my belly button. This is really good news for now and nothing to be concerned about as the head is still low, just not really low causing me a lot of discomfort and making things change. I have also had no other changes and she said bedrest is really working for me!

She sounded very optimistic that I should make it to 35 weeks. I asked what would happen if I did go into labor and she said she would probably try to stop it with some magnesium but she feels comfortable if I can just make it to 36 weeks letting me deliver. So because bedrest is working so well, she decided to keep me on it until I reach the full 36 weeks. I am okay with that as I am really starting to think having a baby that avoids the NICU is a possibility! I actually had no idea how scared I was until she told me all this good news and a huge wave of relief came over me! Like maybe we can even make it to 37 weeks or 38 weeks!

She also did decide to run another FFN. The results of that remain positive so I do still need to be careful. I go back to see her again in just 5 days and hopefully the news will still be good!