Monday, March 19, 2012

Another Year Older

Today I am another year older! I'm now the ripe ole age of 26, officially approaching those late 20's!

I feel almost like I should be a whole lot older than I am though. If I try to think back on all that has happened in the 8 years I have been with Peter, wow we sure have had a lot of life experience in a short amount of time and even though we always claim we are going to slow things down, that never seems to happen!

I feel very very blessed as I enter into another year! My life seems to have come together in a perfect way over these last few years. I couldn't help but feel so lucky as Malachi came into our bedroom tonight with his big grin, jumped on our bed and told me goodnight and blew kisses at me before running out the door with his elmo in hand, saying night night as he closed the door behind him!

Or little Eli and how he wanted to maul my birthday cake and how Malachi was feeding Eli cake from his finger. Or how cute Eli looks walking around the house in his diaper - such a little guy with a lot of spirit. How when he smiles he looks just like his daddy! So many special memories just in this day that I want to hold on to forever!

Even the lil one on the way apparently wanted to share in his or her own way wishing me a happy birthday by kicking and wiggling ALL DAY LONG! This has always been an active little one, but today was even crazier!

And of course my husband who is always the rock of the family. I am so blessed to have him as my husband! I couldn't have picked a better partner for life!

So today, I just feel blessed. I have 2 beautiful and healthy baby boys that make my heart melt. I have another precious little baby set to arrive any day that I am already deeply in love with! There have been some tough years leading up to this point in my life, but right now I have everything I could have ever wanted!!!


Elle J said...

Happy Birthday, Amy!! What a blessed day and a beautiful family.