Wednesday, March 21, 2012

35 Weeks!!!

Today I hit another huge milestone for this pregnancy! 35 Weeks!!! It is a huge relief to be at this place, but of course I want to make it a few weeks longer. From here my next goal is to pass where we made it with Eli - so 36 Weeks. After that I would love to reach official "full term" status at 37 weeks and then would be thrilled to meet my own personal stretch goal of 38 Weeks! Anything is possible at this point, but just very thankful to be where I'm at and out of the major danger zones now.

I had another appointment today in which we found out that I am still not having any change - yay! I tell you, bedrest has really worked well for me. We went from a very scary reality at 30 weeks to seeing no change and baby actually moving up and out of the pelvis in the 5 weeks I have been on bedrest. Even though it has been miserable to lay on bedrest I get huge satisfaction out of knowing that I have done what I have needed to do to protect this baby!

Today everything was looking good. No sugar issues, no blood pressure or heart rate issues. Guess I was just having an "off" day last week. Baby's heart rate was really great in the 160's and based on my doctor's guesstimate we are looking at having a bigger baby this time than Eli's low birth weight which usually means a healthier baby too!

So the plan has been to take me off bedrest at 36 weeks but my doctor today mentioned possibly leaving me on it until 37 weeks. I about lost my mind at this point because I am so ready to at least have a few days of enjoyment before this baby comes and lets be honest - bedrest is a huge pain! She feels if I stay on bedrest until 37 weeks that she can get me at least close to 38 weeks which is a really great gestation. Of course in my mind I am thinking, I haven't had any change in 5 weeks so I don't expect to instantly go into labor when I get my legs back. But I trust her, and I trust that she must be thinking that I may go into labor quickly after I get off bedrest, and my ultimate goal all along has been to ensure that my baby is healthy and leaves that hospital with me this time. So I will press on and do whatever it takes.

I go back in another 7 days and we will see if she is comfortable with that gestation and me going off bedrest and we will also see if we're still holding steady! Today I am relieved to have made it this far and ready to conquer a few more weeks of waiting!


Platinum Rose said...

I'm so glad that you have made it this far! Hang in there...before too long this bedrest will seem like a distant memory. Though I can't imagine how frustrating it is, and what a pain with having 2 boys to care for already, too! Who is taking care of them for you while you are on bedrest, and your husband is at work?

Maria Delgado said...

Glad to hear all is well!