Thursday, March 15, 2012

Smallish Update

There really isn't very much going on at all these days. Bedrest has kind of put a damper on the blogging. But I know I need to post an update on what the boys are doing these days before I forget.

Eli is changing and growing everyday. He is a pro walker now and really wanting to run like big brother. He is also a pig. Seriously, that kid non-stop eats but he must have his daddy's metabolism because he's still my little peanut. He is very obsessed with balls and throwing things! He can always be found with a ball in his hands and boy does he have an arm. He's hit me hard in the face with toys a few times! His other obsession is pillows. He can often be found stealing my pile of pillows from me. He's so cute that I tend to let him! And he can be found saying his favorite word, over and over and over again! The boy loves to raise his hands in the air and yell "touchdown" at every opportunity!

Malachi is growing so much! I imagine he is understanding probably 90% of what we say these days. He definitely has an independent streak. Almost every morning he runs away from me when it is diaper change time. I give him the option of a timeout or to come over and get his diaper changed. More days than not, he will climb right up into his timeout spot and take his timeout. He is definitely strong willed in that sense! He also really likes looking at books and reading! He has all of his letters down and can recite the ABC song along with several other songs now. He is really close to being able to count to 20. He's so darn smart, but colors, well they are just not his thing apparently. In the last photo he is showing me his "red" M&M! He'll figure them out eventually :)

But really he is quite the sweetie. It is almost like he can sense the change in the air because he has really been sticking close to me the last few days and wants lots of cuddles. So for the last year Malachi has had a huge Elmo obsession. We've been having some major breakthroughs on getting him to like Disney and Mickey and Minnie! We told him if he's going to go to Disneyland he better start liking Disney :) So now he plays with Mickey quite a bit and he actually has a big crush on Minnie! Whenever he sees her he says "minnie" with the cutest little voice and smile on his face!

One of the funnest things to watch is the boys becoming buddies! Sure, they have their moments and definitely fight but they are also getting along really well. Eli copies so much of what Malachi does. It is really fun to watch them when they do sing along videos because Malachi really has the moves down and Eli watches Malachi and is picking them up really fast now! They are very cute to watch!

And finally a little baby update. I'm going to be really honest and say that things are tough. I am in a lot of pain because the baby is so low. Truly, this is not easy at all. I am constantly worrying about the health of the baby and wondering how much longer we can even make it. I have two boys who are totally out of their routine and a husband who has to do twice as much work! I seriously don't think people understand how difficult this is on a family. So if you ever have a friend on bedrest, be sympathetic to them - it's hard on the family! Last night I almost ended up in labor and delivery. I was having contractions steadily 2-3 minutes apart. They were pretty good contractions at that. I had Peter get me some water and chugged it and tried to wait it out. I was really scared as we really need a few more weeks of baking if possible. It came time for Peter to go to work and it was hard to debate whether he should go or stay and take me to the hospital. They were starting to space out a little bit by the time he needed to leave so he left me with my phone by my side just in case. Fortunately they finally faded away, but it was still pretty intense there for awhile. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and I am very eager to hear how things are going. I am trying to stay calm and keep the stress level low but I am just not feeling that this kid is going to bake for that much longer. I sincerely hope I am wrong though.

So, hopefully I will have an update sometime tomorrow and hopefully things are holding steady!


Elle J said...

Been thinking about you - happy to read an update. Your boys are so adorable!!! M looks like he could be enrolled in TKD with that side kick =) and I love E's curls!! Praying for ALL of you!!