Thursday, November 4, 2010

Today I am thankful for.....

The little baby who is currently kicking and rolling all over the place in the jungle gym that is my tummy!

Today marks 4 months until my due date. 4 months....... 4 MONTHS!!! That just seems all together like it is approaching way to quickly, but I am eager to meet this new little one even though I know it will be another time of adjusting and exhaustion.

Peter and I are planners. Every single thing with our life together has been planned to the very detail. There are only two instances in our life together where things were not planned - Peter's layoff which was a very bad surprise and this little busy baby which is a very very good surprise!

We didn't know that we wanted or needed another little one so soon and while it took some adjusting (since Malachi was just 2 months old at the time) we are so thankful for the miracle that is this little one. We are both excited and eager for this baby's arrival!

I have never taken for granted this little life. I know miscarriages and even stillbirths happen everyday. I know babies are born unhealthy everyday and I am so thankful that to the best of our knowledge we are having what is considered a very "normal" pregnancy!

Every little (or big) kick or movement I feel is a true blessing to me! At 16 weeks in those brief moments where I laid in the room waiting for the doctor to bring in the ultrasound machine when she had no luck finding a heartbeat, I really thought we had lost this little one. So to be here, at 23 weeks and feeling the baby move more and more to where it is almost a constant throughout the day is such a blessing!

I am so thankful that at the 20 week ultrasound everything looked to be developing just as it should and there were no concerns they came across. I know there are still unknowns and something could still show up, but for now I am thankful for a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy!

Some of my favorite moments during the day are when we first get in to bed at night. For whatever reason, my laying down makes the baby think it is playtime and Peter and I can relax and talk and enjoy feeling the baby move all over the place in our last few moments before falling asleep. I also wake up every morning to baby kicking up a storm. This morning when Peter got up to go to work the baby was squirming all over the place. I think s/he is starting to run out of room. I could feel something much bigger than a hand or foot and it was kind of bumping me a bunch, maybe trying to get more comfortable. It is a pretty cool experience that I am not taking for granted. If it has been several hours without feeling any movement I start to worry a little bit but eventually the baby starts to kick like crazy and I can relax and be thankful again :)

So if everything goes according to plan, I have 4 more months to enjoy the kicks and in just 4 short months little one will be here with us and we will be enjoying and adjusting to life with 2 kiddo's under 1 :)


Jenny said...

YAY! i can't wait to see the newest little Keyser!

Mrs.Gator said...

Great post!