Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thankful for

Today I am so thankful for my husband. He always goes above and beyond my expectations. I honestly had no idea how he would really take to parenthood and he has turned in to the best dad! He works hard for us everyday, and yet still does his best to help out around here and take care of all of us.

Some of the things just in the last week that he has done that go above and beyond:

Last Thursday I had a bug scare. I hate spiders and I killed several of the same type of spider in our living room but the last straw was when I found the same type of spider on my arm when I was sitting on the couch. So I was freaking out a little and through his laughter he told me to just leave. So I got Malachi dressed and the diaper bag packed and we were out of there and off to my parents house for the day. He came home after work, bought a spider bomb, picked up all the baby toys to keep them from being contaminated, put up sheets to protect the rest of the house, made sure our chinchilla's were safe, got the dogs out of the house and bombed the living room. We had to stay out for 4 hours after which made for a very late night when he still had to go to work the next day, but he did it for my peace of mind!

He helps with Malachi's bathtime. He knows that leaning over the tub and lifting Mal in and out puts a strain on my back so he has completely taken over bathtime with Mal. It is great Father/Son bonding time. He also has taken over the bedtime routine and gets Malachi to sleep for the night.

He puts the icky neck medicine on Malachi (which Malachi HATES and screams about)

He comes in the door from work and is always willing to help out where needed. He has no problem taking over for me wherever I need the help, whether that is with Malachi or loading the dishwasher or helping finish dinner.

Last weekend I had a craving for some cookies. I was going to go make them, but no sooner did I mention it and Peter was in there making them for me. Then after they were done, they just didn't quite hit the spot and I only ate 1. Poor guy :(

Sunday he offered to go get me a breakfast burrito up town. The place wasn't open so instead he went to the store and bought some bacon so he could make me a breakfast feast. I told him it wasn't necessary but he insisted that he promised me breakfast so away to the kitchen the sweet guy went!

Monday I felt really sick all day. I didn't get much of anything done. On his way home he told me to go ahead and take one of my nausea pills (which knocks me out) and he came home and cooked dinner, took total care of Mal for the entire night while I laid on the couch and slept and he even picked up around the place!

I know I have it very very good and this is just a small portion of how great he really is! He is truly taking on way more than his fair share of work around here but he doesn't complain about it. I am so thankful and so lucky to have been chosen by such an amazing guy :)


Maria Delgado said...

WOW. What a great man!