Monday, November 22, 2010

Second Trimester Recap

Yep, it is time for the third and final trimester. Here is my recap of the second trimester!

15 weeks: Still not feeling too well. I haven't really started to notice a change in my size except that I am having to wear bigger tops. So far I have really wanted frozen peaches and lemonade!

16 weeks: After my appointment had to be rescheduled three different times, I was finally able to get in for my appointment. As soon as I got there the doctor had to run out to deliver a baby. I decided to wait it out and 2 hours later I got in for my appointment. Baby scared me really bad. The doctor could not find a heartbeat no matter how hard she looked. She had me move around and cough a few times and then tried again, but still no luck, just heard total quiet. She finally went out to get the ultrasound machine. I was really worried that I wasn't going to get good news and I know the doctor was worried too. Finally she did the ultrasound and there baby was, all tucked into a tight little ball. The baby finally unfolded and then put his/her arms above their head and rested their foot on their opposite leg in total relaxation. Yup, looks like we have a little pill on our hands! I was also able to schedule my anatomy scan for October 11th, just 3 weeks away!

17 Weeks: I am definitely starting to feel little wiggles and goldfish like movements in my tummy. It is very cool to start noticing the first signs of movement in there!

18 weeks: Felt my first real kick from the outside! I was resting my hand on my tummy as I was falling asleep and there was a kick as clear as day. At first I second guessed it but then it happened a few more times. It is so incredible knowing that there is a living tiny little baby growing inside me!

19 weeks: Since we are going to Disneyland during the 20th week I was fortunate in that I got to get my anatomy scan a week early! I was a little bummed in that the ultrasound technician would not allow me to watch the ultrasound. It was actually quite painful as baby was hiding as low as possible in my pelvis and the technician had to push really hard to get pictures of the baby's brain and heart. Peter got to watch the whole thing and marvel over how incredibly formed the baby already is! He also made me laugh at one point as he got a clear shot of the face and what appeared to be his nose on the baby. I finally got a a few glimpses of the baby at the end just as the baby started sucking on his/her thumb - it was so cute! The baby was weighing in at 11 ounces and was also measuring exactly to my due date - impressive! The best news of all was finding out the baby appears to be very healthy!!!

20 weeks: The big halfway point! I am finally starting to feel like I am kicking the morning sickness. I was beginning to think that it was never going to end, but I am so happy that it is starting to let up and I can eat again! I have been eating pineapple's and strawberries almost nightly! In addition I have picked up quite the coke craving! I have also started to wear exclusively maternity clothes even though I am hardly showing.

22 Weeks: Peter was finally able to feel the baby move! I am not sure that I had him totally convinced that I really could feel the baby move as whenever he tried to feel it, the baby would stop moving. Finally as we were laying in bed relaxing he was able to feel a hard kick! He was impressed with how hard the kick really was!

23 weeks: My most recent craving is Lucky Charms. I am finally starting to feel a lot of movement all the time which I love, except for the occasional bladder kick I get. I am finally starting to put a little bit of weight on which will make my doctor happy at my appointment next week :) The trip to Disneyland and consuming lots of yummy food must be helping me in that endeavor!

24 weeks: I had another doctor's appointment this week. I got the paperwork for my gestational diabetes test which I will take in 3 weeks. I was up about 7 lbs from my starting weight which is still a little ways away from where I should be, but I still think there is plenty of time for me to catch up! The appointment was pretty boring which is a good thing. The baby sounded great with a heartbeat in the 150-160 range. The doctor asked me several questions that have to do with actually birthing this baby which is kind of exciting that we are starting to discuss beyond just pregnancy :)

25 weeks: I am starting to get uncomfortable. When I stand and walk around I feel a lot of pressure in my bladder which also means that the bathroom trips are becoming more frequent - so stereotypical! I am also starting to feel pressure up into my rib cage as organs get shoved farther up near my lungs which means that breathing is becoming more work. I get out of breathe quickly if I carry Malachi around too much or if I haul a load of laundry downstairs, over the gate, and into the washer. I am finally feeling like I am starting to show! The back aches are becoming more frequent - definitely feeling that third trimester approaching. I have been craving green beans a lot. The baby's kicks are coming up higher into my tummy which means my baby who likes to try and hide as low as possible is running out of room and is now up closer to my belly button. By the end of this week the baby will weigh in at almost 2 lbs!

So 26 weeks starts the Third Trimester in my book! 13 weeks was the start of the second so this would be the start of the third! The 3rd trimester gets an extra week unless I go early :)

Things have changed so much in the last 13 weeks. The first trimester was full of anxiety and feeling really sick and tired all the time, but the second was very enjoyable as the sickness faded away and I was able to see my little one all developed on the ultrasound! The very coolest part has been feeling all the movement and kicks, it is so incredible! My body has also made quiet the change in this trimester as you can see below at 15, 20, and 25 weeks:


Maria Delgado said...

Looking good!

Jenny said...

woohoooo!!!! 3rd trimester! YAY!

MamaMimi said...

SO glad you kicked that morning sickness! Such a pain in the butt...I can't imagine having a little one in tow while dealing with that. =( Looking great - I'm sure you WELCOME 3rd trimester and each day closer to Baby Keyser #2! =)